And What A Week It Was


Last week. Wow.
It was like racing through a dry, rocky river bed in the back of an old pickup, driven by a half-blind, half-drunk whiskey bootlegger. In a word – Bumpy. In three words – Real, Real Bumpy. A unsettling, impossible to get your balance, impossible to catch you breath kind of bumpy. Bumpy enough to bang a kidney loose and challenge your faith in comfortable things. It was one crazy week. Sure, there were good bits, and it was productive. But, it was rough and I’m very glad it’s done.

Milo Farmer's market

Here’s the week presented in slapdash summary: one nasty back injury, two cute kids, a new tomato house, one nervous breakdown, a garden related community meeting, three bad allergy attacks, a dramatic weather change,  a full row of dead broccoli, one nighttime harvest by headlamp, some pretty poor germination, one prolonged crying jag, two slight hail storms and a disappointingly soft market week. There was more but those were the biggies.

As I’ve said, it was bumpy, but I’m trying to keep upbeat (and upright for that matter).  This market garden demands tenacious optimism, and to paraphrase – a dude abides. So I’m going to stay positive and focus on the sunniest bit from last week, namely, the two cute kids.

Two weeks ago, the Boulder County Farmers’ Market – of which the Longmont Market, where we sell, is a part – called and asked to shoot a family photo at our farm. They wanted a picture to launch their new “Now that’s fresh!” campaign. I have no idea why they chose us. After all, it’s our first year and we’re pretty much unknown. Sure, we’re doing okay but we’re certainly not setting the local food’s world on fire. The smart money said they were there for the kids.

Kirsten, the market’s photographer (she’s great), arrived  as the evening was graying, in the middle of a rising wind storm. We shot for an hour or so, with everyone coping ridiculous, dramatic poses around the garden. The wind built as we went. Hair was  mussed. Shirt tails were flapping. With everyone leaning into the wind, many of the shots ended up looking heroic and better suited to the cover of a romance novel than to a Farmers’ Market ad.

In the end, confirming every suspicion, the market chose a picture of the kids. The ad ran in two local papers and in our local alternative weekly. I’ve posted it above (that’s our boy Milo in the foreground and Adam’s daughter, Asia, behind). Maybe next week will be smoother. I sure hope so. But if not we’ll muster through. After all, a dude abides.


2 comments to And What A Week It Was

  • Audrey

    Love to see a toddler eating radishes! Go Milo!
    Thanks for sharing your gorgeous children with us.

  • Mike

    Thanks for the note! Everyone at the Farmers’ Market has been so good to us. We are very grateful.

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