2010 Farmers Market - FLYER (5x8)

Forgive the Delta Tau Chi style title outburst but I do love me some beer. Not to say we’d ever adopt a new farmers’ market just so we could hang around a beautifully rustic taproom sampling yummy, hoppy libations.  Not to say we’re into cool, local music or Longmont’s weekly Wednesday night cruiser ride. We have little interest in such childish diversions.

That being said, almost by coincidence, we are proud members of the new Wednesday night farmers’ market at the Left Hand Brewery and Taproom. Sure there’s great beer and fantastic music and a legion of cool people, sweaty from cycling in. But we aren’t there for that. We’re there strictly to sell produce. It’s 100% about the veggies for us. Great beer, great music, great people: we aren’t interested. Show me the moola baby! The boy needs new shoes! Daddy needs a new rototiller!

So come on out. Forget the beer. Forget the tunes and the cool people. Come buy some yummy sustainable produce. My bank account thanks you in advance!

Just one thing I can’t figure out about our new farmers’ market: Why has it suddenly become so easy to find new interns and volunteers?

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