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For the last farmers’ market of the year, our friends at Dew Farms brought a truck load of 250-lbs pumpkins and hired a couple professional pumpkin carvers. (I know! Who knew such an occupation existed.)  The kids loved it. The big folk loved it. It was wonderful spectacle all around. This fantastic, mythical dragon a good example of the result.

Over the last year, I’ve spent a lot of time writing about us and our farm. And while I’m generally okay with the results, I don’t think I’ve done a very good job relating the core of the experience. So, as a welcome respite from my usual, grating narcissism, I’d like to spend a few words on some of the great local growers we met and learned so much from this last year. Their experience, knowledge, passion and friendship were a big part of the year for us. They filled out the experience and helped make the whole thing worthwhile. So, in no particular order, a bit about some of the local growers we respect:

Dew Farms

Aaron is the grower at Dew Farms. With his folks and his family, he started Dew within the Longmont city limits. Aaron came up as a competitive grower and his red cabbage has won Best of Show awards at six consecutive competitive events. Aaron and Dew are probably the growers with a model most similar to ours. All year long they’ve been there with support and advice for us. Thanks guys!

Ollin Farms

Not to gush but we wouldn’t be farming if not for Ollin Farms. Over the last several years we’ve shopped their farm stand and visited them at the market. Every time we left encouraged. Personally, I’ve never met anyone more selflessly devoted to community and local agriculture than Mark, the owner of Ollin Farms. He’s inspired and inspiring; 100% committed to interacting with people and building community. If local food is ever going to really “happen”, it’s going to require people like Mark and organizations like Ollin Farm. They also grow great produce and eggs.

Guerrilla Farms

Timpson is the grower at Guerrilla Farms. He intensively works a single acre between Longmont and Boulder and produces some of the nicest garlic I’ve ever eaten. Guerrilla was also the driving force behind the Left Hand Brewing companies farmers’ market this year. Timpson and his new wife Heather spent countless hours building a market that I hope will serve the community for years to come.

Aspen Moon Farms

Jason, the owner and grower at Aspen Moon Farms. They were also a big inspiration for us. They used to run an on-your-honor, roadside farm stand out of an old, beat up VW van. We loved it. Jason is also an irrigation engineer. We hope to hire him and his guys to help us with our system next year. While irrigation is Jason’s thing, we also owe him mightly for all the conversation and advice he’s given us this year. We’re grateful.

Our relationships with other growers were some of the most rewarding parts of last season. We’re better for them. We’re also honored to join many of them for two end of season farmers’ markets at the Niwot Market. We hope to see you there.


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