Seed Season Pt. 1

Red Leaf Lettuce

We’re deep in December and I’m dreaming of seeds. Not a feet-up, coffee, waste the morning sort of dream. Because I’m still really busy, and because I also work in a natural foods grocery, and because the holiday business there is exhausting and consuming, I’m dreaming in fits. Yesterday, with the sun beaming in on yet another unseasonably warm morning, I contemplated lettuce over a hurried oatmeal breakfast. Today I considered carrots and fed peanut butter to the boy. Lately, shower time has been for tomatoes, broccoli and herbs.

The seed order is easily one of the most enjoyable tasks on a tiny farm. Seen from the middle of winter, next year is fresh and plump with potential. Last year’s mistakes are faded and all but forgotten. Next year’s disasters are no more than a twinkle in my bumbling eye. Looking forward everything is rosy and the seed order captures that. The seed order is our chance for an unblemished start, to get organized, to finally realize our potential.

Mache - My favorite winter green


The seed order is also one of the most important tasks we do all year. It’s not just a matter of buying seeds. It’s a matter of deciding what we’re going to grow, when we’ll plant it, how much we’ll grow, how much we’ll havest and how much we can sell. When done well, a whole year’s plan goes into the seed order. So we start working on it in December, talking amongst ourselves, asking others what they want to see and going over what worked and what bombed last year. The actual order needs to be placed by the middle of January; any later and we risk heavy out of stocks. So the question is: What do you want to see? What are you sick of? Do you have a favorite variety? Whether you shop with us or not, no matter where you live or what you eat, we’d love to hear from you.

Space Spinach

4 comments to Seed Season Pt. 1

  • Bridget

    Parsnips!!! Grow some yummy, yummy parsnips.

  • Anna

    I definitely agree with parsnips. Also, how about fennel, golden beets, and strawberries? Have you considered mushrooms? Or perhaps some long leeks? I’d love to see sprouts (you know, alfalfa, pea, etc).

  • MATT

    PEPPERS! All types and sizes! If you dry your seed now
    they’ll be ready for the hot summer months. Cool blog. I thought
    this was the HHGTTG fanpage, turns out its not…

  • Audrey

    How about some yuzina, since you guys are the greens specialists? I’d second the golden beets as well.

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