Kale Smoothies

All season our Farmers’ Market customers have been talking about kale smoothies. They’re all in love with them. So, on their recommendation, we started making our own simple version and boy they’re right! Kale smoothies are fantastic! Definitely among the easiest and tastiest way to eat a lot of wonderfully nutrient dense kale. Now we have kale for breakfast.We share them as a family and our three year old son loves them. He can’t get enough.

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Tofu Green Curry and Healthy Cooking

Because I’m soft and lumpy after a winter of relative leisure and because I need to harden up quick if I’m going to make it through this farming season, I’m trying to eat a lot healthier. Not that I’ve ever eaten that badly. At the house we eat fresh, local and something between vegetarian and vegan. We cook everything from scratch and we know how to do it. I grew up cooking in restaurants. My wife came up in bakeries and delis. Which is to say, we know how to make real yummy food using lots of fat and salt. We know how to pair good food with good drink. We know how to bake bread and we know a few things about sweets. Not that any of this is inherently bad. Food is important and we certainly enjoy our meals around here. But at some point it becomes about health. It becomes about having the vigor to do the things I want to do. And it becomes a problem when I need to get (and stay) “farm-lean”.

“You can pay your farmer or you can pay your doctor.” As a natural foods grocer and a farmer I’ve been hearing this for years. But honestly, for a long time I didn’t really buy it. Sure, buy organic and avoid a lot of toxins. That made enough sense to devote a career to. But food as medicine? Really? I’ll turn my organic russets into some nice pomme frites, thank you. At least that’s how I felt until very recently.

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