Simple Broccoli Soup


Today we harvested what might be the last broccoli of the year. I used it for soup. It feels like I’ve been using everything for soup lately. It was a very simple recipe, calling for only three ingredients; broccoli, salt and water. No heavy stock or roux or long caramelizing needed. The soup has a deep, radioactive, space-mutant green color and it’s flavor is outstanding.

Fans of Gordon Ramsey’s excellent BBC program Kitchen Nightmares will remember this soup. He made it in the Clubway 41 episode. It’s a classical puree. The kind of recipe culinary students learn in their first week at school(or should show up already knowing if they’re worth a scratch). Here’s the method in one sentence: boil broccoli in salted water, puree it in a blender and adjust salt to taste.

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