Got Dirt?


Not to belabor the point, but we are a very, very small farm. And while I think we are doing pretty well and will likely turn a profit this year, we’re a long way from pulling anything like a real salary from our tiny farm. I figure at most, if we execute perfectly and add a second weekly market, we can generate 9k-12k per year from our scant 1/8th acre (with as much as 60% going to expenses). So, unfortunately, if one of us ever wants to work this as an only job we’re going to have to expand.


Around here, most people expand by leasing county land. We’re in Boulder County where there’s a progressive program for converting public land into leased agricultural plots. The leases are affordable and the county does a lot to support small growers. It’d be relatively easy for us to go that way. We could join with a few other small farmers, form a Growers Association, and together lease land from the county. Frog Star could end up with 1-3 acres, more than enough for us. And, after a couple years spent working it, we could produce between 40k-70k worth of produce per acre per year. That means that from a two-acre tiny farm, with 60%-70% going to pre-labor expense, we could earn at least one full time salary.

Problem is, we’d have to move our farm into the country. We’d have to leave the neighborhood and our community and I don’t want to do that. I like working in a residential setting. I like talking to my neighbors and the people walking by while I’m┬áplanting or cultivating. I don’t want to move our farm from the neighborhood.

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