And Away We Go!

Over the weekend we started planting out the basement grow room. And now, a couple days later, we have 1,200 plants happily germinating away. We start all our plants in soil blocks because they require no ag plastic and are much better for the plant (that’s what you’re seeing in the picture above).  So far we’ve started some kale, tomatoes, herbs, lettuce and onions. Over the next few days we’ll get on the peppers, cucumbers, many more tomatoes and all the things we need for our spring market season like broccoli, rapini and chard.

This year we did a lot of work to improve efficiency and streamline things in the grow room. We added a small cement mixer and created storage to keep all our ingredients in a single location. We’ve also more than tripled our storage space. Last year we could accommodate about 1,000 plants. This year we should be able to keep more than 3,500. There’s a lot to do. In fact, I need to get back to it right now.

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