Kale: The Bones

Here are a couple pictures of kale I share mostly because I enjoy pictures of kale but also because kale, in a lot of ways, is the foundation of our farm.The best advice I can give folks wanting to farm on tiny plots, in close quarters, is to grow kale. Looking at it in a “yield per sq-ft” sort of way, nothing beats kale. A single planting can be harvested from April all the way though to November with almost no tending. Just don’t harvest it too aggressively and top dress it with compost a few times through the season. Kale plants grow tall and will shade out most weeds so you don’t even need to worry about cultivation.

We grow four, 50-foot long beds of kale and harvest two per week on alternating weeks. This has provided us enough to support two farmers markets (we’ve pulled as much as 30 lbs/week from our two bed harvest). It’s not the most popular crop at market but it definitely has it’s fans and if you grow good kale they will be loyal and shop your whole stand. At least that’s been our experience.

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