Transplanting with the Tiny Tractor

I love our tiny tractor. Sure it’s tippy and I’ve often worried about rolling it, but it makes almost all our farm tasks much, much easier. We’ve spent the last couple weeks frantically transplanting our summer crops and the tractor has helped a bunch. When transplanting we run the irrigation as much as we can, turning the rows into a big, muddy mess. Then we fill the tractor’s bucket with water (and amend it with an organic kelp extract for many crops) and submerge the trays of transplants. We leave them in the drink until they stop bubbling, meaning that all the little air pockets in the transplant soil have been hydrated. In our experience, transplants shock and suffer when put in too dry a soil. Our goal is to get everything fully soaked and to ease the plants into their new homes in the field.

So far we have 600 tomatoes, 120 cucumbers, 120 pumpkins, 50 assorted squash and 50 melon plants in. We have a long way to go (and are a full month behind), but the field are stating to look good and that gives me hope.

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