If there’s one thing I’m not it’s a pitchman. That said, I’ve been using our seeders a lot lately and boy do I love our seeders! They’ve transformed the most painfully-tedious job in the garden into a quick and efficient joy. Most cheap seeders do little more than dump seed in a straight line. In contrast, we run two precision seeders on our tiny farm. They are a bit more expensive but they are very worth it as they reduce both wasted seed and time spent thinning.

Our first unit is a four-row precision seeder we bought from Johnny’s Select Seeds. It’s a great little tool that we use for lettuce, spinach, arugula, radish, turnips, pelleted carrot and sometimes beets. The seeder runs on a axle, drilled to accept different size seed. By sliding the axle back and forth between the drive wheels, one can select the hole size appropriate for the desired seed. We fill all four hoppers to “carpet seed” our cut and come again greens. We fill the first and third hoppers to seed our root veggies. Either way, the seeder drops a predictable amount of seed with uniform spacing. We’ve had very good luck with this seeder.

This year we added a Jang Clean Seed, also from Johnny’s. It’s a very precise, single row seeder. The nice thing about the Jang is that one can adjust for the spacing between seeds. A set of gears and a chain live under the silver cover plate. By changing out the gears, we can drop seeds anywhere between one every inch to one every eight inches. This is super for the larger seeds one would usually seed in a single row. So far we’ve used the Jang for peas, beans, beets, pumpkins and direct seeded tomato.

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