I’m convinced that every year we’ll mess something up horribly. For us, this year, it was tomatoes. Boy we blew it! Way back in February, for inexplicable reasons, we started three-times more tomato plants than we needed. This meant we spent 3x  more time and 3x more energy than we should have. This inane effort left us with more tomatoes than our nursery could accommodate. So a lot of plants died and the others suffered mightily, growing leggy and lean due to over crowding. Then, due to hassles with out new land in Gunbarrel, we were very late planting them out.  We were still planting in July, more than a month after when we should have finished. What’s more we didn’t want to waste the extra plants we’d started so we spent a bunch more time transplanting more tomatoes to the filed than we’d ever need. This was another big mistake.  Overall it was a total disaster. Thankfully, now 6-8 weeks after other growers, we finally have tomatoes to bring to market. Tomatoes should have been a major crop for us and maybe they still will be. But regardless, I know that  because of our mistakes they won’t be anything like they could have been, C’est la Via. Live and learn. Sometimes I think that learning to farm is about making a full measure of mistakes. And I take solace knowing we won’t make these particular mistakes again.

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