There Will be Snacks There Will

This is a great post (complete with photos) ¬†from Jessie. Last year she was a volunteer on the farm. This year we plan to pay her for some hours. That this post’s title references¬†one of my favorite songs about the apocalypse makes a good thing even better.

Sure, it’s winter, but we’re busy planning and preparing the farm for the imminent growing season. (We’ll be flush with seedlings soon!) I started working on the farm last May. I met Mike and Gheda more than ten years ago and our lives lead us down different but occasionally convergent paths. I am very glad to know them and I am perhaps even more glad that they have started the farm. It has been a joy to come by every week and spend time with my friends and young Milo and work on the farm. A slightly back tweaking and at times a sweaty joy, but an absolute joy nonetheless.

I also got to meet and work alongside other interesting and kind people. They were funny as well, which is a bonus when you’re looking at crates of shallots that need to get in the ground or rows upon rows of tomatoes that need harvesting.

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2012 – Off and Running

This week we seeded out our first 600 plants for the 2012 season. We started kale, lettuce, pac choi, broccoli, bunch onion and broccoli rabb which we will transplant to the field (under low-hoops) in mid-March. For the last couple months, I had been feeling a lot of nervous energy and apprehension about the new season. [...]