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Frog Star Farm is a tiny 1/4 acre family operation located in a residential setting, three blocks off Main Street in downtown Longmont, Colorado. We grow vegetables, herbs, berries and plants. We are working toward Organic certification. This is a three year process and we are two years in.

We practice natural and sustainable methods including; intensive crop rotation, aggressive inter-cropping, cover cropping and green manures. We transplant from soil blocks, eliminating disposable plastic trays and minimizing our foot print. We limit soil amendments to farm produced compost and organically certified off-farm inputs. Instead of pesticides or herbicides, we protect our crops using row-cover, hoop-houses and hand cultivation. We’ve had to modify many traditional methods and systems to fit them into our residential setting. Local zoning and building regulations are myriad and are not built to accommodate urban farming. Ultimately, we’re working toward a system that will maximize our harvest, allow us to produce in all four seasons, and keep us on the sunny side of the law.

You can find us every Saturday at the Longmont Farmer’s Market. 8:00am-2:00pm. Rain or shine.

our name

The name “Frog Star”, comes from Douglas Adams’ hilarious¬†The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy (aka HHGTTG – in dork speak). In the story, Frog Star is the most evil place in all creation. Spend a 100-degree, August afternoon with us, hand weeding a pepper bed and I’m sure you’ll agree.

our logo

Our market banner/logo was drawn by the mighty, mighty Keith Knight, creator of the K Chronicles. It’s the finest comic to ever grace the pages of an alternative weekly. Buy his books. Help validate his existence.

our blog

This blog is our often bumbly attempt to describe the things we are growing, selling and cooking. We are crazy about food and this site is about that. A wise uncle once told me, ” Life is all the stories you get to tell toward the end.” Another wise uncle told me, “Life is a series of dogs.” Well, this is our story. I hope we aren’t toward our end. Perhaps one day, we’ll post about our dogs.

about us

Soon, very soon, all the torrid details will be revealed.

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  • Helena

    In terms of your blog…definitely have a section about your dogs. It is after all Boulder County and we love love our dogs. I also live in Longmont and have adopted the sweetest pitbull terrier from the Longmont humane Society.

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