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Egg Shell and Fresh Pasta

Frog Star Farm survives on the effort of its founders and volunteers. Profiles of said founders and volunteers will follow soon.

Until then, please direct all correspondence either through the comments function on this site or to one of the following e-mail addresses.

For farm, gardening supply, blog or photo questions please contact:

We will do our best to reply in a responsible, timely and adult manner.

12 comments to contact us

  • Mike, you posted a comment on my blog asking about the fans on our seedlings. We use them to make sturdy stems, keep fungus down, and keep fungus gnats off the soil. Sorry if this is late. I’m still figuring out the blogger.

  • New to the High Plains, Limon Farmer’s Market, 941 Main.

  • Mike

    Are you a grower at the Limon Market?

  • tim reinholt

    Hi guys, It’s tim your neighbor from across the tracks. Nice website! We are headed to the Market after breaky so we’ll see you there! Tim&Cora

  • Mary

    Can you please let me know what you put in your greens mix? There is a lemon tasting green that I do not know the name. Thank you.

  • Mike

    Mary, We add a variety of herbs and fun stuff to our mix including fennel frond, dill, tarragon, sorrel, lime basil and edible flowers. Most recently we’ve been adding a bit baby sorrel which is fantastically lemony.

  • Ann

    Do you have t-shirts for sale with your groovy Keith Knight logo?

  • I have just read your blog posting on food safety. I was very moved by how painfully honest and straightforward it is. I was gratified by the level of agreement between your views and my own–between a small farmer and a consumer advocate who has spent most of the last 35 years working to promote food safety and much of the last two years seeking passage of the FDA Modernization Act. As I write this, the House of Representatives is scheduled to vote on the legislation today. This increases the possibility that it will become law. The Tester amendment language is in the bill that will be voted on. Thank you for posting your thoughtful comments.

  • Mike

    Thanks for the nice feedback. And thank you for all your hard work on food saftey over the last many years. It was pretty clever of the House to bundle s.510 (w/ Tester) into the Omnibus Spending Bill. Back to the Senate…

  • My name is Kelly and I am the market manager at the Louisville Farmers Market. We would love to have you as a vendor this 2011 season. Please contact me if you are interested. Love the blog and logo. I love food, too.

  • Tanya

    Hey, i’m the super, duper small farm next door to Shari on Jay Road….I’d love to come and check out your farm…Is there a good day/ time to visit? Thanks

  • Mike

    We are usually at the Gunbarrel property on Thursdays. Most other days we’re busting hump in longmont. E-mail our address and we’ll set something up.

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